Google Pixel 6 to feature Ultra wideband chip, just like on the latest iPhone's


Google Pixel 6 to feature Ultra wideband chip, just like on the latest iPhone's

After experiencing a disappointing 2020 in the hardware of the Pixel flagship device, Google may surprise fans with some powerful Pixel 6 features. According to reports, Google is already developing a foldable Pixel phone and manufacturing its own system-on-chip (SoC) processor. The latter may make its debut this year, providing computing support for at least one Pixel 6 device.

The 5-nanometer processor called Whitechapel (GS101) is being developed in cooperation with Samsung. This SoC not only helps Google reduce its dependence on Qualcomm, but also allows it to provide customers with a feature that has only been available on the iPhone so far. The SoC customized for the Pixel will allow Google to fine-tune the performance of the Android system and control more aspects of the hardware, just like Apple did for iOS and iPad OS.

A new discovery indicates that Google may add another chip already used on the iPhone to the Pixel 6 series, an ultra-wideband (UWB) processor, which can provide the basis for some exciting new Pixel features. iPhone 11 is Apple’s first iPhone with UWB technology. This new wireless protocol allows Apple to provide a feature called “precise search” for lost devices.

This technology enables users to locate their lost items within a few inches, whether it is an iPhone or a new AirTag tracker with a built-in U1 chip. UWB technology is also used in other applications, such as transferring content between the iPhone and HomePod mini speakers. If both gadgets use UWB chips like U1, the AirDrop function can also be improved.

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