The next Gen iPhone SE with looks of iPhone 11


The next Gen iPhone SE with looks of iPhone 11

Apple is working on a replacement for the iPhone 11 once it is potentially discontinued later next year according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Likely a new iPhone SE, Kuo expects Apple to launch the device in early 2023 and cost under $600.

Basically Apple mass produces a top selling device, and when device reaches the desired sale it stops manufacturing devices, but in some cases like the iPhone 11 which is still popular in majority regions, so Apple is still selling it as there is still demand to it. And the more the device is made the more is the spare parts made.

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The iPhone SE was cheap due to it was mainly made up of iPhone 8 parts, which made the cost go down, So there are rumors that the Next Gen iPhone SE will be having the same design as iPhone 11, which does make some sense.

The Upcoming iPhone SE might not be seen until 2023 as mentioned by the tipster, so the Rumors might get changed...

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