Meizu 18 Is On The Road


Meizu 18 Is On The Road

Because the current market pressure is very high, and the development of Meizu smartphones is not strong enough. That’s why it reduces the number of products. Perhaps, only in this way, they can gain a foothold in the market.

However, the development of Meizu smartphones has not stopped. Especially recently, we got a lot of news about Meizu 18. And if believing in those rumors, the phone is going to be quite attractive.

Leaked Features Of Upcoming Meizu 18...

In terms of hardware, the entire Meizu 18 series may come with the Snapdragon 888 processor, which uses Samsung’s 5nm process technology. Compared with most current 7nm process technology, its performance will be smoother.

The battery life will also be upgraded to a certain extent. It should come with a large 4650mAh battery and a standard 55W super fast charge support. They can make our daily use of the machine more durable.

Also, it may sport a native FHD+ Samsung OLED screen, and it also supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz. The screen should use the Samsung E4 luminescent material.

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