Galaxy S10+ trade-in values make the Galaxy S21+ upgrade a no-brainer⁠


By trading-in Galaxy S10+ you can avail more than 50% discount on S21+

Galaxy S10+ owners who may want to skip the Galaxy S21 series and keep using the 2019 flagship a little while longer can do so knowing that their device is still powerful enough to handle virtually any task. However, Galaxy S10+ users who want more from their mobile device and are considering switching to the Galaxy S21+ can take advantage of great trade-in deals that make the upgrade a no-brainer.⁠

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This is true at least in the USA and a few other countries, as trade-in values differ by market. Not to mention the fact that Samsung doesn’t have a working trade-in program in every region. However, if you plan on buying the Galaxy S21+ in the USA and offer the Galaxy S10+ in return, you’ll benefit from a discount of over 50%.⁠

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