Blackberry to launch its upcoming 5G device with physical Keypad


Blackberry to launch its upcoming 5G device with physical Keypad

The glory days of BlackBerry are long gone but the brand is seeking a comeback. Back in August last year, there were reports that a BlackBerry 5G phone with a keyboard will launch this year. In a recent interview with Peter Franklin, CEO of OnwardMobility (new operators of BlackBerry), he reiterated that the company will release a 5G phone this year. According to Franklin, the phone will come with a classic BlackBerry keyboard.

After failing to meet with the trend of smartphones, BlackBerry was first acquired in 2013. After that, it reached an agreement with TCL and BlackBerry Mobile in 2016 and launched several new phones. At the beginning of 2020, the cooperation between the two companies ended, and OnwardMobility took over. Now, BlackBerry 5G phone, its first 5G device will come from OnwardMobility

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The company is currently cooperating with Foxconn to jointly develop the new BlackBerry 5G phone. According to previous reports, the company will release this product in North America and Europe. However, Franklin claims that Asia is a very important market, and the BlackBerry 5G phone will arrive in Asia.

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  1. I love my KeyOne, and I wouldn't trade the keyboard not for a better camera, not for a faster CPU, not for anything, honestly. After the TCL fallout they said they wouldn't make another phone, so I already ordered a Pro1 from f(x) as an upgrade, but having a 5G QWERTY phone is amazing. I really like seeing them return.