Audio Issues with Galaxy S21 Ultra


Audio Issues with Galaxy S21 Ultra

Users facing audio problems with the S21 Ultra which is indeed the latest thousand dollar flagship form Samsung...

Save for a couple of shortcomings that may have left a number of Galaxy fans scratching their heads, Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 Ultra flagship is near perfect. Some customers, however, may have been out of luck upon receiving their Galaxy S21 Ultra in the mail, because a number of users have been complaining on the official Community forums about poor sound quality coming from the phone’s upper loudspeaker/earpiece.⁠

The issue seemingly manifests itself in a few ways. One Galaxy S21 Ultra buyer is complaining about crackling sounds coming from the loudspeaker, while others are unhappy with the speaker either being too quiet or sounding distorted. A few Galaxy S21 Ultra owners have apparently contacted Samsung and received replacement units with speakers that work as intended.⁠

I would say stay a while till Samsung solves and then buy if you're planning to... and Stay tuned in for more tech related news, and do follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more updates. 

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